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2016 Voters Guide to Water Issues

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September 2016

Dear Voter,

Roaring Fork Conservancy is pleased to present yet another edition of
the Voters’ Guide to Water Issues in the Roaring Fork Watershed. The
importance of water in Colorado continues to grow as we plan for the
future of our water resources. Roaring Fork Conservancy remains focused
on water quality, water quantity and riparian health, in terms of river
science, water policy, and helping citizens stay informed of current issues.

Knowledgeable elected officials helps us protect our vital water resources.
With the upcoming election, we wanted to give citizens an opportunity to
hear from candidates on local water issues and their proposed solutions.

Roaring Fork Conservancy asked candidates in local, state, and federal
races for their responses to two water related questions. This pamphlet
presents a non-biased forum for candidates to express their qualifications
and platforms on water issues affecting the Roaring Fork Watershed and
the state of Colorado.

Roaring Fork Conservancy does not endorse any of the candidates.
Their un-edited responses are presented as submitted.

We encourage you to vote, whether by mail or at a polling place on
Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Your voice is an important part of helping us
bring people together to protect our rivers.

Rick Lofaro
Executive Director

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