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Test your knowledge, learn something new and have fun with these downloadable activity sheets! 

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Water Inventory
How much do you know? Use this worksheet to inventory your family's usage, and learn about a farmer's water needs.

What's the (non)Point?
Are point source and nonpoint source pollution the same or different?  Discover ways to prevent pollution from entering water sources with this fun activity.

H2O Jo & Flo Coloring Book
Click on the image for a full copy of the coloring and activity book.



Get to the Source
Where does your drinking water come from?  H20 Jo and Flo will help you trace the route water takes from its source to your home with this activity page.  

Conserve Water
What does conservation mean?  Check out this activity to find out, as well as learn how to conserve water in your home.

Water Facts
Do you know how much fresh water is available on the earth? Learn some fun facts about freshwater by coloring and doing a little math when you download these two pages. Click on the image to enter.



  • Water may be used as many as five to seven times before it flows out of Colorado!
  • Less than one percent of fresh water is available for people, plants and animals to use!!


H2O Jo Takes a Ride Through the Storm Drain

H2O Joe takes a ride through a storm drain to show how polluted runoff affects water quality.

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