Connect to Your Rivers

We want YOU to go out and explore the Roaring Fork Watershed!

Since 1996, our mission has been to inspire people to explore, value and protect the Roaring Fork Watershed. You can explore with us on any number of our family, youth or school-based programs. But, we also know many of you explore on your own. That's why we live here, right?!

We created some games you can play while you are exploring and enjoying the Roaring Fork Watershed (click on SUMMER WATERSHED GAMES on the right) and a few you can even do from the comfort of home (scroll down).

We hope you have fun getting to know your home waters!




Online Educational Materials: Pre-K-Grade 3

Getting to Know Dee Dee, an American Dipper


Online Educational Materials: Grades 2-6

Let's Learn About Trout and Trout Anatomy 

Ecology Survey

Riparian Metaphors

Backyard Nature Hunt

Watershed and Water Cycle Activities from ProjectWet

Erosion: Understanding How Rivers Move

Erosion and Water Quality

Online Educational Materials: Grades 7-12

Use the Interactive Watershed Map found HERE for the following online learning activities:

Roaring Fork Watershed At-A-Glance

Aquatic Life

Understanding Water Quality

Water's Many Uses

At Home Activities

Connecting to our rivers, even from home!

Test your water knowledge, learn something new and have fun with these downloadable activity sheets and videos! 

(Click on the images to access the PDF files.) 


Dee Dee the Dipper Activities



Draw your own American Dipper!
This North American aquatic songbird is considered an indicator species for healthy mountain streams. As an extra challenge, add more trees and plants or draw the Dipper's nest. Click on the image to the left to download the template.

Storytime with Roaring Fork Conservancy.
Click on the image at the left and enjoy listening while Megan Dean, Director of Education, reads Dee Dee the Fryingpan River Dipper and describes simple optional nature activities to get your kids outside! Click here to get your own copy.


Dee Dee the Dipper - My River Journal 
After you've listened to the story, click on the image at left for a copy of your own River Journal!




River Ranger Activities



Riverside Circle of Life
Everyone needs to eat, even if you live underwater! Learn who eats who in a river ecosystem.


Match the Hatch!
Did you know? Fish love to eat insects? Anglers make their own "flies" that look like REAL insects to catch fish! See if you can match the aquatic insect with the fly!

River Word Search
Can you find all the words?



Creature Feature + Feature YOUR Creature
What's an aquatic macroinvertebrate? How do they survive underwater? 



RFC Coloring Pages

Click on the images below to access the pdfs.










H2O Joe & Flo Activities

Click on the images below to access the pdfs.


Water Inventory
How much do you know? Use this worksheet to inventory your family's usage, and learn about a farmer's water needs.

What's the (non)Point?
Are point source and nonpoint source pollution the same or different?  Discover ways to prevent pollution from entering water sources with this fun activity.

H2O Jo & Flo Coloring Book
Click on the image for a full copy of the coloring and activity book.

Get to the Source
Where does your drinking water come from?  H20 Jo and Flo will help you trace the route water takes from its source to your home with this activity page.  

Conserve Water
What does conservation mean?  Check out this activity to find out, as well as learn how to conserve water in your home.

Water Facts
Do you know how much fresh water is available on the earth? Learn some fun facts about freshwater by coloring and doing a little math when you download these two pages. Click on the image to enter.



Draw Your Own...



Draw your own TROUT!

Megan Dean, RFC's education director, will guide you step-by-step as your create your own Cutthroat Trout while learning about its natural history, too.

Draw your own Macroinvertebrate! Part I
Draw your own Macroinvertebrate! Part 2

Megan Dean, RFC's education director, will guide you step-by-step as your create your own mayfly while learning about its natural history, too.




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