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REEL In Water Use

Simple changes to your daily in home routine that can dramatically reduce your water usage.

  • Change and modify your toilet usage and save water. Toilets constitute 27% of your water usage in your house. These simple steps can have a huge effect on your water usage.
    • Become a frugal flusher
    • Adding a brick to your tank can save an average of 0.5 gallons per flush without losing the same flushing pressure.
    • Update to a new water sense toilet.
  • Change your laundry habits.
    • Reduce your weekly loads by at least one. Average washing machines use between 25 gallons (front-loading) and 40 gallons (top-loading) of water per load and the average household does 400 loads of laundry per year.3 By making sure every load is topped off and reducing by one load per week, you can not only save water but also save energy and money! By following these guidelines, a household can save up to 2,080 gallons of water per year.
    • Update to a new, high-efficiency washer and save up to 6,000 gallons of water a year.
  • Change your morning ritual.
    • Shower for 1 minute less a day. Since 1992, all new showerheads use 2.5 gallons per minute of water or less, while older fixtures may use much more. Save 912 gallons/year.
    • Upgrade water fixtures, install low-flow showerheads, and use sink aerators to greatly reduce household water use.
    • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth to save about 2,190 gallons of water every year.



REEL In Water Use

Roaring Fork Conservancy is excited to partner with the Community Office for Resource Efficiency to promote water efficiency throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. This program is designed to grab attention, inform the public, and empower citizens to take action in and around their homes and communities.

REEL in Water Use is a partnership between Community Resource for Resource Efficienty (CORE). Roaring Fork Conservancy, Ruedi Water and Power Authority (RWAPA), and the University of Michigan.

REEL In Water Use Outdoors

Simple changes to your around your home can have a dramatic water savings for you.

  • Check for and fix leaks on a regular basis. A 1/16th inch continuous leak can waste 300,000 gallons of water per year! The EPA reports “the amount of water leaked from U.S. homes could exceed more than 1 trillion gallons per year. That's equivalent to the annual water use of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami combined.”2 So bust out the pipe wrenches and the Teflon tape and get those leaks fixed. As they say, every drop counts.
  • Water your lawn wisely. Kentucky Bluegrass needs 1.5 inches of water per week. In rainy weeks, you may not need to water as much. Use a Moisture Meter or trowel to check soil moisture before you water. Soil should be moist (reading of approximately 5 on Moisture Meter) 3-4” below the surface. Water only if needed. 
  • Ensure your sprinkler system is working properly and water your lawn wisely. It’s important to know how much water your sprinkler system is actually applying and how much water your soil needs. (1) Place several tuna cans or similar shaped container across your watering area. (2) Water for 30 minutes. (3) Measure the water collected in cans. Is it even across the area? Is it more or less than you expected? Adjust you watering schedule as needed to keep soil moist to a depth of 6”.  Sidewalks and driveways just don’t need to be watered! Make sure the nozzles of your sprinkler heads are free of debris and pointed in the correct direction. Additionally, most sprinkler heads have internal filters that may need to be cleaned on occasion to ensure efficiency.
  • Use the right plants instead of turf in areas around your home.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Our local plants have had thousands of years to adapt to the dry climate of the western slopes so they are much better at surviving drought conditions. Additionally, they attract and support native wildlife and create an authentic Colorado look to your landscape.

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