Publications / Comprehensive Lower Fryingpan River Assessment 2013-2015

Comprehensive Lower Fryingpan River Assessment 2013-2015

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Given current concerns over the health of the Fryingpan River and fishery, Roaring Fork Conservancy is pursuing a comprehensive study to better understand the current state of the Fryingpan, and create a long-term monitoring plan to track trends over time. Roaring Fork Conservancy’s initial aquatic studies will examine macroinvertebrates, flows, and water temperatures. In addition, we will conduct an assessment of the American dipper population, the extent of Didymosphenia Geminata, and update the 2002 Fryingpan Valley Economic Study to evaluate the role of the river in community vitality. Roaring Fork Conservancy will also work with Ruedi Water and Power Authority, Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado River Water Conservation District, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to investigate how new and existing contracts for Ruedi Reservoir water can be managed to ensure river and associated economic health. Upon completion of these studies, Roaring Fork Conservancy will disseminate the findings to federal, state and local government agencies and residents of the Fryingpan River Valley.

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