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Cattle Creek Stream Health Evaluation

In 2015, with funding provided by Garfield County, RFC embarked on an extensive study to better understand water quality impairment(s) on Cattle Creek. Data from former studies revealed high water quality near the headwaters and impaired water quality on the lower portion of Cattle Creek.  With this information, RFC worked with landowners to gain access to private land, and thus be able to sample multiple sites along Cattle Creek, in effort to understand what is happening in between these two sites; if there was a gradual impairment, a point where “good” turned to “bad,” or just a small impaired reach.

RFC assessed chemical and biological water quality data, based on standards set by the State of Colorado, at seven sites along Cattle Creek to provide insight into the source of any water quality impairment(s). This data, coupled with a land use analysis, will recommend best management practices in effort to improve any impairment, and will also be used to inform stakeholders including landowners, water rights holders, county officials, and state regulators. 

Throughout the study, RFC conducted stakeholder outreach, including hosting a meeting with public citizens, Cattle Creek residents, business representatives, and elected officials. A shared interest in the long term health of Cattle Creek was a common denominator among attendees and has led to ongoing support of the study and great anticipation of results. 


Hear about the different phases of the Cattle Creek Study on public radio:


For more information about this study, please contact Heather Lewin, RFC's Science and Policy Director, at (970) 927-1290.


Collecting stream flow measurements on Cattle Creek





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